Transportation Services

a)       Rental of Transportation Services

-          Excellence in Motion! At Air Cat Logistics, we're more than just transportation – we're your partners in reaching the destination with ease. Our rental services offer flexibility, reliability, and teams dedicated to ensuring your transportation needs are met.


b)      Cross-Border Service

-          Seamless Transit Across Borders! Air Cat Logistics is your go-to choice for cross-border transportation. We provide expert solutions that ensure your cargo move smoothly between nations, making global travel effortless.

c)       Lifting Cargo Services

-          Lifting Excellence, Yours to Experience! Air Cat Logistics offers superior cargo lifting services to meet your specific transportation requirements. Our team is dedicated to handling your cargo with the utmost care and precision.

d)      Personal Effect and Moving Service

-          Experience a Stress-Free Move! At Air Cat Logistics, we specialize in the safe and efficient transportation of your personal effects. Trust us to handle your treasured items with the utmost care, making your move hassle-free.

e)      Heavy Haulage

-          Lifting Your Expectations with Air Cat Logistics! We're your go-to solution for heavy haulage services. Our advanced equipment and skilled operators ensure the secure transportation of your oversized cargo. Your heavy loads, our professional commitment.

f)        Cranage Services

-          Lifting the Weight Off Your Shoulders! Air Cat Logistics specializes in cranage services that make heavy lifting look easy. We handle your cargo with expertise, guaranteeing its secure transportation to the desired location.