Warehouse Services

a)       Storage & Distribution Centre

-          Your Goods, Our Responsibility! At Air Cat Logistics, we specialize in secure and efficient storage and distribution center services. We provide customized solutions to streamline your supply chain and elevate your distribution process so you can focus on growing your business.

b)      Stacking Service

-          Stacking Made Simple! Air Cat Logistics is your go-to source for reliable stacking services. We handle your inventory with care and strategic precision, allowing you to optimize to store at our warehouse.

c)       Loading & unloading Services

-          Optimized Handling for your shipment! We specialize in loading and unloading services that streamline your operation and logistics to ensure your goods are handled with care.

d)      Packing

-          Pack with Confidence! Air Cat Logistics is your go-to source for efficient packing services. We prioritize secure packaging, ensuring your goods are ready for reliable transport and storage purposes.

e)      Manpower Service

-          Efficient Staffing for Your Success! At Air Cat Logistics we offer specialized manpower services designed to elevate your projects or shipment. We are dedicated to providing skilled professionals to help you achieve your goals.

f)        Forklift Services

-          We offer top-tier forklift services that streamline your operations. Our experienced operators and well-maintained forklifts ensure efficient cargo handling and secure storage.